The Garden

ORGIVA  is in the lush valley of the Guadelfeo, where CHRIS STEWART, best-selling author of “DRIVING OVER LEMONS” made his home.  
The area has a unique mini-ecology – a sub-tropical climate where orange, lemon, almond and olive trees flourish along with a multitude of flowering plants and fruits.  It’s terraces are constantly watered by the melting snows from above running down an elaborate system of channels created by the Moors hundreds of years ago that are still in use today.  The result is an oasis of greenery that contrasts dramatically with the arid foothills below.
CASA DE ALMENDRAS, like the neighbouring farms and homes around us rely on this ancient water system. Each week at an allotted time our gardener will come and for one hour open a small gate in one of these water channels that runs adjacent to the house to flood the land.  If you look closely you will see small channels in the land, taking water from the point of entry to the furthest trees. For anyone who has spent hours at the seaside creating sandcastles and water channels it’s a fascinating sight. Every tree, flower bed and blade of grass gets a thorough soaking. Don’t worry though – the terrace remains dry!  

Without their weekly soaking, in the baking heat of summer, the gardens would quickly turn into a fire hazard and eventually a dustbowl. Today groups of houses and farms have formed water societies to manage the sharing of this water – ours is called Angel del Agua which translates as Angel Water.